[Update] Beta 14: Theater

New feature: theater

This update adds a new building type: theaters! You can build one theater for each group that you manage. (For example, if you have one sister group, you can build two theaters: one for the main group, and one for the sister group.)  Each theater can seat up to 300 fans.

Once you've built a theater for idols to perform in, you can set up a schedule for each day of the week. When planning the schedule, your options are "Performance," "Manzai," "Day off," and "Auto."

  •  Performance: The typical song and dance routine trains idols' "vocal" and "dance" attributes
  •  Manzai: The classic two-part comedy act trains idols' "funny" and "smart" attributes. It consumes less stamina than a regular performance, but is also less appealing to casual fans.

"Day off" and "auto" should be pretty self-explanatory: you can give your idols a day off to recover their stamina, or set it on auto-pilot and let the game decide the performance schedule for you.

Ticket prices

You have control over the price of theater tickets and can change it at any time. Setting a low ticket price will entice more fans to show up. Setting the ticket price too high will make fans more reluctant to show up. The more fans your group has, the higher you can set the price without hurting attendance. If your theater is hitting maximum capacity, you can probably get away with charging more!

Online viewers

You can also set up theater performances to be streamed online: fans can pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to a livestream and VODs of all theater performances. To unlock the ability to stream performances, you'll need to do research (spend office manager research points) and purchase equipment (spend money).

You can set (and change) the subscription fee: much like ticket prices, low subscription fees will entice new subscribers to join, while hiking up subscription fees will make new subscribers less likely to join. (Increasing the subscription price may also cause some fans to cancel their subscription.)

Subscribers expect to get a good value for their monthly subscription fee. If your theater decides to take too many days off, some fans may decide to cancel their subscription.

You can choose which demographic to target with each performance, which will make certain kinds of fans more or less likely to buy a ticket for a live performance, or start/cancel an online subscription.

On the "subscribers" tab, you can find a detailed breakdown on which demographics are contributing most to your bottom line. Hover over any demographic's icon for a more detailed tooltip.

All of your subscriptions will come from people who are already fans of your group. (You can't have more subscribers than fans.)  Hardcore fans and adults are easier to convert into paying subscribers than casual and teenage fans.


18 new hairstyles and 6 new accessories have been added.

Added dialog viewing options

  • "Skip" - lets you quickly skip through dialog messages you've seen in a previous playthrough
  • "Log" - shows all messages from the current dialog scenes

Added tutorialization

Several new introductory dialog scenes have been added to explain the new "scandal points" and "sister groups" features from the previous update.


  • When producing auditions, the game will warn you if you have a penalty to auditions because of your scandal points
  • Game will now inform you that you need to research different types of business proposals in order to produce them

Misc changes/additions:

  • Added new idol trait: "spoiled." Consumes stamina twice as fast, recovers stamina half as fast
  • Added more names to the name generator
  • Liability in business proposals increases based on your group's scandal points and individual idol's scandal points

 Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Conflict events can only happen to idols from the same group
  • Fixed: Game freeze after firing a staffer when the staffer list is in compact view
  • Fixed: Staff tooltip could disappear after firing a staffer

We look forward to hearing what you think about the new features we've added in the beta community forum. Your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are what allow us to keep improving Idol Manager, so thanks to the many of you who post in the forum to share your thoughts with us!


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